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A vitamin enriched tanning drink to help you 'Tan with Attitude'!

The NEW TanShot ENERGY formulation with an exclusive invigorating blend and a taste of energy!

All the tanning benefits of TanShot's formula plus:

B Vitamins

Increases energy levels
Increases mental performance
Increases feeling of well being
Found in all leading energy drinks

Guarana Extract

Natural plant stimulant and mood enhancer
Boosts energy, performance and endurance
Increases metabolism
Increase alertness and awareness

Energy Blend

Taurine, Caffeine and Inositol interact to stimulate metabolism and optimise your tanning potential
Caffeine content equivilent to a premium cup of freshly ground coffee

TanShot® ENERGY has...

...as much Vitamin B6 and Niacin as standard cans of other leading energy drinks

...as much Vitamin B12 as other leading energy shots

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